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Maggie O'Sullivan


WATERFALLS (worked February 1994 February 1999) companions red shifts
(worked August 1997 February 1999) etruscan books, 2001: ISBN 1 901538 25 7.

[Cover of WATERFALLS by Maggie O'Sullivan]

Cover: Maggie O'Sullivan, Waterfalls,
1994-1999 (inks & mixed media on paper).

This publication of WATERFALLS makes available both books that compose
the poetic project her/story:eye (1994 1999).

Excavating saying, riddle, lore, tale, song, lament, elegy, drawn from Irish mythological, ancestral and folk traditions, socio-political history, (particularly the Great Famine of 1845-52, the clearances, dispossession and exile), as well as personal mappings, meditations, family oral histories, her/story:eye is a multi-dimensional, visceral performance, interrogating its own trans/formations as it floods and explodes acoustic-aural-visual-verbal-sculptural force fields across red shifts and WATERFALLS in a passionate, radical, physicalised installation of languagings im/possibilities.

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on REALITY STREET: Ken Edwards' blog

Click here for a page of Notes and Resources for her/story:eye.

80 pages, limited edition bookwork of 75 copies, numbered & signed, cased in glacine sleeve w/additional hand written text by Maggie O'Sullivan.

ISBN 1 901538 56 6 cased edition

Typeset by Robert W. Palmer at Tuff Talk Press, Uley, Gloucestershire.
Printed and bound by Colin Sackett, Axminster, Devon.

Published by etruscan books, April 2009

[This edition is now out of print; a new edition, printed in black and white,
was published by Reality Street in 2012.]

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